a pair of bag commissions i did for the wonderful Sarah and May of their respective characters Koji and Yvanna!

I got a set of beautiful card commissions done by the lovely annaxin.
These two are my Shadowrun OCs: Kit (Deception) & Julian (Devotion).

Thanks so much once again for the commissions, I enjoyed drawing them so much! <3

commission for milkaru of her characters Taylor and Zack!

commission for milkaru of her characters Taylor and Zack!

Anonymous asked:
"hi! do you make prints to sell? I was wondering what size would be best to go about making prints."

Hi anon!

As of yet I don’t make prints so I can only offer limited advice, I’m sorry! I also haven’t yet attended any cons so I haven’t drawn anything with the specific end goal of having it as print-worthy as possible, but these are probably things to keep in mind:

  • It’s a lot easier to scale something down than it is to scale something up - so start at the biggest size that you want your poster (I’d maybe stick to around A3 for a standard poster.)
  • I’ve been poking around sites like INPRNT and they have a minimum size requirement of 3600 pixels x 3600 pixels at 300dpi (none of my pieces were big enough, haha). However, keep in mind that they are a professional print company, and therefore their print quality is probably incredibly high. Other sites such as society6 don’t have a size requirement, but will sell your product at different sizes depending on the quality of the file that you upload. It’s reasonable to assume that their print quality is slightly lower. 
  • Printers print at a minimum of 300dpi. I think some printers have options to print at 400dpi, 600dpi, etc. but the higher the dpi, the better the quality of the print. 
  • I think programs like photoshop have preset sizes (when you make a new canvas its under size>international paper and you can choose between A2, A3, A4, etc.
  • From what I’ve heard at cons people tend to sell A3, A4 and A5 sized prints? However I know there are other people that sell long bannered artworks (such as frei) that do incredibly well. It all depends on what you’re looking to make the prints for!
  • Last but not least, check around with printing stores to see what sizes they offer, and see if they suit what you’re looking for! (also if possible make sure you’re able to order a proof copy, so you can check that the quality of the print is what you want before ordering.) 

This is pretty general advice, I’m sorry anon ;A; Maybe ask around for someone who’s more experienced to offer more specific advice? Best of luck with all your art and prints though!!

Anonymous asked:
"Sorry if you've answered this before but how large is your canvas for digital art usually?"

Hey, that’s alright anon! My canvas is usually around 25cm x 30cm after cropping, and I usually start off with 40 cm x 50 cm at 300-400dpi.
I hope that answers your question! :-)

hey friends!

im opening character commissions for (hopefully) the next 2 or 3 months! The options I’ll be offering are:

  1. Black and white sketches - $15 AUD per character (Australian Dollars)
  2. Full colour characters - $25 AUD per character
  3. Character bags (full colour) - $40 AUD per character

If you’re interested, shoot me an email at anna.pan@live.com.au!!
Thankyou so much!



  • Payment through paypal — anna.pan@live.com.au
  • I’m fine with drawing light gore and nudity, but no heavy gore, explicit sex, etc. Please keep all content fairly PG-13!
  • Please only fictional characters; I don’t really feel comfortable drawing real people, sorry!
  • Please provide as many references as possible, especially if you want to specify any posing, personality, etc. Thankyou!
  • For the bag meme, feel free to list anywhere between 6 - 25 items that you want in the bags (the more the better!)

Thankyou so much for reading, I hope you all have a lovely day! 

Anonymous asked:
"Do you have any suggestions for drawing stuff from your brain? I'm pretty good at drawing from life/ ref but when it comes to improvisation/ using my imagination i'm awful : ("
(Edit: i just realised i barely answered the question, sorry anon!! i added a bit more stuff at the end.)

Hi anon!! Hmm well this is personally what I’ve found from my own experiences, but remember that everyone works differently so if this doesn’t resonate with you feel free to ignore it!

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Anonymous asked:
"Do you have any tips for people who may not be able to afford life drawing classes?"

Hi anon! I think the most important thing to do if you can’t afford life drawing classes is to go out and draw people whenever you can! People in food courts, people on the bus, people walking to work, people taking pictures, etc. I use a small hardcover sketchbook for outside drawing so I have something to lean on but even just purchasing a stack of printer paper and a clipboard/book has worked for me in the past. 

If it’s accessible, try looking for any life drawing sessions held near you that are free. I go to a session outside of class that is $5 each session, and I go to a session about once every one or two weeks. The art scene isn’t very prominent here in Australia though, so maybe there are cheaper options where you live? Have a look around, and see if there are any that suit your budget and availability!

If not, even try asking around with friends/family/roommates/etc. to see if anyone is willing to pose for you (most likely clothed.) If you’re living with anyone, you can draw them working/lounging around/watching TV as well!

If you are out of options, there are websites like posemaniacs and pixelovely that can help with figure drawing; however, I’d see if these websites suit what you’re trying to learn first! Since the images are already flattened it makes it a lot easier to translate an already 2D image onto your page, and doesn’t help you learn 3D shape and form. However, if you’re learning something else (maybe like trying to simplify/stylise shapes) it might help! Drawing real people in real spaces though is probably your first priority, but if that’s not an available option anything within your resources is the way to go.

Good luck!

Anonymous asked:
"i'm going to my first life drawing class next week and i was wondering if you had any tips for beginners idkidk ^^""

aww gosh, good luck!! I hope you have heaps of fun and learn lots!

Here’s some things that I’ve learnt from my own personal experience in life drawing, but keep in mind that I’ve only had life drawing classes for one and a half years so I’m still learning myself; I hope you find them helpful! :-)

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small comic about depression and eating habits

small comic about depression and eating habits

alchoholic asked:
"You have a really incredible style, I love the way you capture life in illustration. I cant really explain it, but the way you capture people and things is so life like while still being this really unique stylized drawing."

ah gosh, thankyou so much!! ;w; recently i’ve been trying to focus more on trying to make my people look more… “fleshy”, haha, so i’m really glad it’s coming through ;o; thanks so much!! 

pedritopascal asked:
"hi! i wanted to know what kind of pencil or/and pen do you use when doing your sketches? thanks in advance!"

hey, no worries (I hope you don’t mind me publishing this!) I tried taking a picture to look cool and artistic but then it came out terribly because i’m a donk, but here it is anyway!

From left to right: generic eraser, black fine tip pen from typo that were on sale ($5 for 5!!), Faber-Castell PITT artist pen (S, I find these are my go-to pen for general drawing, they’re really nice and have good control, but are quite expensive so i use them quite sparingly), 0.5 mechanical pencil, Staedtler 2B pencil, and Faber-Castell red colouring pencil! 

For life drawing classes I usually only use the 2B pencil and red coloured pencil! They tend to lend a bit more depth and variation in lines, but for general outside drawing I use mechanical pencil a lot since the lines come out a lot cleaner and are good for quick drawings. The lines don’t come out as varied but they are a pretty good, all-round tool. If I feel stuck in an art rut, or I want to challenge myself I usually use the pens! The typo ones for gestural/quick drawings (as they’re cheaper and easier to replace, so I can go through more of them without worrying as much) and the Faber-Castell ones for longer/more detailed ones, such as drawing people in a food court or on the bus.

As for the last two pictures on this post they’re done digitally in photoshop CS6 with a hard round pencil tool :-)! I usually just start with a large canvas (around 40 x 50cm, at 300dpi) and then drawing all over it. I’ve been trying to challenge myself lately to draw pictures without doing sketches underneath, and it’s really difficult but I’m finding it really helpful to not fret over a single drawing, drawing faster and more economically, and also helps me notice when I keep drawing the same thing over and over. I try to draw as much as I can, so I usually go through around 1 - 3 canvases per day so there are a lot of terrible drawings (but I think I’m getting better!)

SORRY FOR SUCH AN ENORMOUSLY LONG RANT, ahh, but I hope this helps! ;w;